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Adara Middle East
We at Adara Middle East support ThreeFold Foundation's mission to create a responsible Internet for all, one that is accessible, affordable and environmentally conscious. Mazraa is a founding capacity farmer on the ThreeFold Network and actively supports the expansion and adoption of ThreeFold's P2P Cloud. Adara's focus is to provide P2P Cloud capacity for developers,  nodes for new and existing farmers, as well as, providing over the counter access to TFT's to  enable reservations of Internet capacity.  Additionally, Adara Middle East supports the promotion and growth of the ThreeFold Network, through marketing resources and funding contributions. We believe it's time for the internet to have a major upgrade to empower people and protect our planet. Adara Middle East is the first 3Node outlet in the Middle East covering Middle East, Africa & APAC regions.
We recycle the waste heat of datacenters. We offer hosted 3fold nodes and physical nodes
Duck Farm Data
Duck Farm Data was created with the sole purpose of furthering the ThreeFold network. By working towards multiple project facets, such as community contribution, server building, and operating its own farm, Duck Farm Data is hastening the goal of achieving a decentralized internet. Duck Farm Data is based out of Florida where our small team designs, builds, and provides customer service for our special built 3nodes.
HostService (EU)
Founded in 1998, HostService the Nederlands has been fully focused on the latest revolution since 2022; a sustainable, energy-efficient and decentralized internet for everyone, by everyone. Our team designs, builds, sells and provides customer service for our purpose-built certified 3nodes for the European market. Find us at
S3S Europe
Server Storage Solutions Europe is the first certified ThreeFold Foundation partner that serves Europe.  We are truly  committed  to answer to the most demanding needs of its customers by  fulfilling  their needs of  reliable  Build-To-Order appliances,  helping  them out on  flexible  stock & inventory management to enable faster go to market strategy,  enabling  strong brand-awareness by custom bezel & packaging,  efficient  logistics by drop shipping to customers  worldwide  while creating an asset management of their installed base for future needs.  
Virtual Support Teks
We are an Ohio US based IT managed service provider and system integrator. We are interested in hearing more about how we could produce certified nodes. We are familiar with HP, Dell, Intel and SuperMicro Desktop / Server Technology and have invested a significant amount in servers for TFT farming.
We are the Treefold Eurasia community, bringing together like-minded people, initiators, innovators, IT enthusiasts, IT specialists and Treefold ambassadors in Eurasia. We have joined the ThreeFold Network and promote the idea of a "Free Internet" - an Internet that provides equality, freedom and sustainability.