Titan DC V1 1U Datacenter Node

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Introducing the new Titan DC V1 1U Datacenter node. Designed for low power consumption with high TFT return, this small 'pizza box' sized server is comprised of an enterprise grade server motherboard and power supply fully integrated into a 1U chassis. 

At only 15.5" (394mm) deep, the Datacenter Titan DC node was designed to fit in industry standard 19" racks. It is optimised for more performance and designed to fit into existing datacenter infrastructure. 

As with any Titan, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Just order, install it into your rack, plug it in and start earning. Yes, that’s it! 


16 Threads

128GB of RAM



1U Chassis with Single PSU

Dual 1Gbps Network 

Dedicated IPMI port for remote management

Estimated monthly TFT earnings: 1544.79 (according to the calculation on 3/8/22 - monthly earnings subject to change and are not guaranteed by S3S USA LLC). 

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